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Fulton County Court Records

A Fulton County Court record is an official document regarding legal proceedings handled in a County Court. Court records provide an official account of all court proceedings and may be used as a basis for possible appeals. They include papers, maps, books, tapes, documents, photographs, computer-generated or based information, data fields, data, or similar material curated, received, or maintained by an agency (Georgia Open Records Act). They can comprise various legal information and documents for civil and criminal cases handled within the jurisdiction of Fulton County, Georgia.

The Clerk of the Court is the official agency responsible for holding court records of court cases heard by county courts. The Clerk's office maintains these records for precedent and future reference, transparency, statistical data and research, administrative operations, and case management, and to provide public access to interested members of the public.

Are Court Records Public in Fulton County?

Yes. The Georgia Open Public Records Act specifies that all court records created, received, or filed within the State be made available and accessible to members of the public upon request. Therefore, interested persons can access these records from the agencies responsible for maintaining and collecting them.

However, the right to public access is not absolute. Some court rules, laws, or court orders exclude certain court records from access to the public. Records typically exempt from public disclosure include:

  • Specific misdemeanor convictions (like those below the age of 21)
  • Juvenile convictions
  • Completed first-time offender court cases sealed and retroactive.
  • Arrest records for charges that led to acquittal or were dismissed.
  • Certain non-violent felony convictions (depending on the unique offense and the defendant's criminal history).

Eligible persons may request to have their case information restricted from the public by filling out the record restriction form and submitting it to the District Attorney.

Fulton County Court Records Search

Requesters can perform a Fulton County court record lookup at the following places:

  • The courthouse where the case was filed.
  • A clerk of the court's office.
  • A reliable third-party website.
  • An electronic search portal provided by the court.

Fulton County Court Records Search by Name

Inquirers may search Fulton County court records by name by visiting the courthouse where it was filed, via eServices platform, or through the Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts office.

Within Fulton County, inquirers who opt for in-person search options must determine the courthouse where the case and then schedule an appointment ahead of their visit. On the day of the appointment, the requester must:

  • Carry along a form of identification.
  • Provide case information and details pertaining to particular case party (such as the party's first or last name, date of birth)
  • Bring all applicable fees for access and copies of the records.

Alternatively, researchers can search via the official website of the Fulton Court Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts. This is a free and official resource for looking up court records in Fulton County. Inquirers may visit the website and navigate to the eServices & Record Search option using the navigation bar. On this new page, the requester can search based on the court type, providing the name of the case party.

Alternatively, a requester may utilize third-party websites that offer online record search services.

Fulton County Courts

Below are the locations of courthouses for all courts in Fulton County, Georgia:

Fulton County Courthouse:

136 Pryor Street,
Southwest Room C-155,
Atlanta, GA 30303

Fulton County Magistrate Court

185 Central Avenue,
SW, Atlanta,
GA 30303

Fulton County Superior Court

136 Pryor St. Stonewall Suite c-640,
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 612-4518

Fulton County Probate Court–Fulton County Government Center

Fulton County Probate Court–South Fulton Service Center

Fulton County Probate Court-Adult Guardianship

136 Pryor Street, Stonewall, #230,
Atlanta, GA, 30303
(404) 612-4693

Fulton County State Court

185 Central Ave, South West,
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 613-5040

Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts—North Fulton Center

7741 Roswell Road
Ste 253, Atlanta,
GA 30350
(404) 613-5313

Fulton County Community Court

5500 Fulton Industrial,
Blvd Stonewall,
Atlanta, GA 30336

Superior Court of Fulton

136 Pryor St Stonewall,
Suite c-640,
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 612-4518

Fulton County Civil Court

136 Pryor Street Stonewall,
#103 Atlanta, GA 30303.
(404) 612-5344

Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts—South Fulton Center

5600 Stonewall Tell Road,
Room 219B, College Park,
GA 30349
(404) 613-5313

Fulton County Superior Court Case Search

The Superior Court of Fulton County is the county's trial court of general jurisdiction and handles both criminal and civil law cases. The court has exclusive equity jurisdiction over suits associated with titles to land, felonies that require jury trials, and divorce (O.C.G.R.A. § 50-18-70 et seq).

Per the Georgia Uniform Rules of the Superior Court, the Fulton County Superior Court provides access to court records it generates in the course of official function. Requesters may visit the Superior courthouse to look up case records on public access computers. The Office of the Superior Court Clerk charges the following fees for record-related queries:

  • Uncertified Copies with Staff Assistance: $1.00/page
  • Exemplified/Certified Copies: $2.50/first page, $0.50 for each additional page.
  • Individual criminal record search: $2/search
  • Computer Generated Copies: $2.50/page
  • Records Searchers: $15/search

Alternatively, requesters may perform a Fulton County online on the Clerk of Superior & Magistrate Courts website. The court provides various web search portals via the eServices platform, which the public can use to acquire copies, for Civil eFilingCriminal eFilingMagistrate, State, and Superior RecordsGeorgia Real Estate and Notary Records, and Real Estate eRecording.

In addition, interested members of the public may apply using the Public Records Center website. On the website, inquirers must first create an account with the agency's site and then submit an Open Request to the county.

Fulton County Criminal Records

Fulton County criminal records are official files containing information and documents about the crime-related activities of county residents. The County Sheriff's office maintains all county criminal records and processes requests for them.

The Fulton County Clerk of Superior & Magistrate Courts website also provides an eServices portal, which requesters can use to search for criminal records.

For third-party requests, researchers must note that the signed consent should include a party's full name, date of birth, social security number, and address. Researchers can obtain criminal records by contacting or querying the Office of the Fulton County Sheriff at the following address:

Fulton County Sheriff's Office
186 Central Avenue SouthWest
9th Flr, Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 612-5100

Fulton County Criminal Court Case Lookup

To conduct a Fulton County criminal court case lookup, interested members of the public can visit the eFileGA website, operated by the State Government. To perform the search, inquirers may follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the eServices & Record Search section on the menu below.
  • Scroll to the Criminal eFiling segment.
  • Navigate to the Odyssey eFileGA search portal.
  • Create an account with the platform.
  • Navigate to and tap on the Case Search button.
  • On the new page, fill in the location, case number, and the sort option.
  • From the search results, select the appropriate court record if available.

Alternatively, researchers can submit an Open Records Request at the Public Records Center.

Get Fulton County Civil Court Records

Interested members of the public may visit the courthouse where the court was filed to request access to Fulton County civil court records. For their request to be processed, the inquirer must present a means of identification, together with details essential to the requested record (such as the case party's first and last name and the case number) and the fees for access and duplication. The main courthouse of the county is located at:

136 Pryor Street SW,
Atlanta, GA 30303

Alternatively, researchers may seek remote access to the civil record via the official website of the Fulton County Clerk of Superior & Magistrate Courts. The Clerk's office offers a Civil eFiling search portal, where researchers must register an account and file for a case search on the search portal for a fee.

Fulton County Family Court Records

In Fulton County, family court records comprise various legal documents and details regarding family and domestic relations issues. These include divorce records, child support records, domestic violence records, custody and visitation records, adoption records, and paternity records.

The Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts presides over the Fulton County court cases. Interested members of the public may acquire a family court record from:

  • The courthouse where the suit was filed: In this case, the requester may contact the Fulton County Superior Court via phone call at (404) 612-5344 or (404) 612-5345, fax at (404) 612-5345, or email. Inquirers will be required to provide information to facilitate the search and pay any associated fees.
  • Online search portals on the Superior Court's site: The online applications used to look at Fulton County civil court records also offer access to the county's family law details.

Fulton County Dissolution of Marriage Records

Fulton County dissolution of marriage (or divorce) records comprise every record regarding annulment or divorce handled by the county's courts. These records are part of the family court records and can be obtained at the same place where family records are accessed—the County's Superior Court office. To access these records, the individual may acquire them at the court where the case was filed or obtain them remotely on the Superior Court's search portal.

Fulton County Marriage and Divorce Records

The office of the Superior & Magistrate Court Clerk and the Fulton County Probate Court maintains Fulton County marriage and divorce records.

Individuals can acquire marriage records within the county at the Probate court by submitting a marriage request form to the court clerk's office. Applications should be submitted along with the needed fees to obtain a certified copy of a marriage certificate. The requester must pay $10 per marriage application or for every copy of the marriage certificate. Notably, the requester must pay an extra $10 fee to research marriages earlier than 1979.

The Fulton County Superior Court handles divorce records within the county. Thus, the researcher may acquire a copy of a divorce record by physically visiting the Closed File Room on the first floor of the Superior Courthouse. The kind of divorce (uncontested, contested, or via publication) determines the information required to process the request. Requesters can also contact an attorney or the Fulton County Law Information Center for more information on the county's divorce records or information related to divorce.

Fulton County Birth and Death Records

Members of the public can obtain Fulton County birth and death records at the Fulton County Vital Records Office. The agency only issues birth certificates to applicants with a direct and tangible interest, legal representatives of the family, or primary immediate family members.

Typically, a death certificate comprises personal details about a deceased (such as their name, marital status, age, spouse and parents' names, etc.), location, time of death, cause, and manner of death. The Fulton County Vital Statistics Registrar is the government agency responsible for maintaining death records within Fulton County, Georgia. To access a record, a requester may apply at the Vital Records Office at:

Fulton County Government Center
1141 Pror Str. S.W. Suite
1029A, Atlanta, GA 30303

Inquirers may obtain these records online by visiting the third-party search portal run by the Fulton County Office of Vital Records. The site also allows researchers to obtain birth and death certificates by clicking their respective links.

When searching for birth certificates, requesters may be required to provide first name, middle name, last name, the case party's suffix, the State, city of birth, date of birth, and the reason for the certificate request. The Fulton County Bureau of Vital Statistics establishes a $25 first copy fee and $13 processing fee.

Fulton County Probate Court Records

In Fulton County, three courthouses handle probate court matters—the North Fulton County Probate Court, South Fulton County Probate Court, and the Downtown Fulton County Probate Court. These courts oversee legal matters associated with estates, conservatorships, and guardianships.

Interested members of the public may obtain probate court records by contacting the Fulton County Probate Court directly. They may visit the Office of the Probate Court on the second floor or file a request by email at

Fulton County Property Records

Fulton County property records are legal documents comprising extensive information about real property within the county. These records usually comprise information about property boundaries, land ownership, property assessments, transfer of ownership, and liens or encumbrances on the real property. The Fulton County Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts is the government agency responsible for handling the county's property records.

Requesters can access these records by visiting the Clerk's official site or by visiting the Clerk's physical office at 136 Pryor Street S.W., Room 106, Atlanta, GA 30303. They may also request the records via mail or fax.

Fulton County Court Records Online

Interested members of the public may also obtain Fulton County Court records online through third-party aggregator sites like These sites offer users the convenience of remote access to record records of interest. They usually offer a wider search scope, allowing inquirers to access records from multiple jurisdictions easily. However, third-party websites are also severely limited in their functions. They may list outdated or inaccurate information since they operate independently of official or government-run sites. Consequently, inquirers are advised to verify the validity of the information obtained. In addition, third-party sites do not provide confidential or restricted information as they are only accessible to specific, eligible persons through the custodian's office.

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