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Cobb County Court Records

Cobb County court records contain information about criminal and civil proceedings filed and adjudicated in Cobb County, Georgia. These include copies of evidence, writs, subpoenas, transcripts, orders, and judgments.

In Georgia, court records are essential for preserving an impartial and open legal system. They guarantee equal access to information and foster public confidence in the legal system. Through these court records, citizens of the state can stay abreast of the judicial process and understand how the judiary operates.

Are Court Records Public in Cobb County?

Yes. Cobb County court records are accessible to members of the public. Under the Georgia Open Records Act, citizens can review and make copies of these records, except if the record is deemed confidential by law or any existing court order.

Cobb County Court Records Search

Individuals can perform a court record search in Cobb County through the following offices and agencies:

Cobb County Court Records Search by Name

The Cobb County judiciary maintains online repositories where individuals can perform a name-based search for court records. For example, the Cobb County Superior Court maintains a case search website for searching civil and criminal court records, and the Cobb County State Court maintains Court Connect for looking up traffic violation and misdemeanor case records. The requester must have the party's full name to perform a Cobb County court record search by name.

Cobb County Courts

Cobb County is in the Cobb Judicial Circuit of the Superior Court Seventh District. The Superior Court serves its residents in addition to a State Court, a Juvenile Court, a Probate Court, a Magistrate Court, and several Municipal Courts.

The following are the names and addresses of the various courts in Cobb County:

Cobb County Superior Court
70 Haynes Street
P.O. Box 3370
Marietta, GA 30090
Phone: (770) 528-1300
Fax: (770) 528-1382

State Court of Cobb County
12 East Park Square
Marietta, GA 30090
Phone: (770) 528-1216 (Civil)
Phone: (770) 528-1246 (Criminal)
Phone: (770) 528-2660 (Traffic Violations Bureau).

Cobb County Juvenile Court
32 Waddell Street
Marietta, GA 30090
Phone: (770) 528-2220
Fax: (770) 528-2561

Probate Court of Cobb County
32 Waddell Street
Marietta, GA 30090
Phone: (770) 528-1900
Fax: (770) 528-1996

Cobb County Magistrate Court
32 Waddell Street
Marietta, GA 30090
Phone: (770) 528-8900
Fax: (770) 528-8947

Municipal Court of Acworth
4408 Acworth Industrial Drive
Acworth, GA 30101
Phone: (770) 974-0965
Fax: (770) 966-8923

Municipal Court of Austell
5000 Austell-Powder Springs Road
Suite 175
Austell, GA 30106
Phone: (770) 944-4304
Fax: (770) 944-9173

Municipal Court of Kennesaw
2529 J.O. Stephenson Avenue
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: (770) 429-4531
Fax: (678) 460-2843

Municipal Court of Marietta
240 Lemon Street
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (770) 794-5400

Municipal Court of Powder Springs
4483 Pineview Drive
P.O. Box 46
Powder Springs, GA 30127
Phone: (770) 943-8020
Fax: (770) 943-4276

Municipal Court of Smyrna
2800 King Street
Smyrna, GA 30080
Phone: (770) 431-2804

Cobb County Superior Court Case Search

The Cobb County Superior Court has jurisdiction over civil and criminal law actions. It has equal authority over individuals or organizations and can issue directives that regulate the supervision of the care of incapacitated adults. Cases filed in the Superior Court typically include misdemeanors, contract disputes, premises liability, and other actions.

The Cobb County Superior Court clerk operates a record management site where members of the public can view case information. Users can search Cobb County criminal and civil cases filed in court using the person's name, case number, case type, pleading type, attorney, and notary. The Clerk's Office also accepts mail and in-person requests for copies of the records.

Cobb County State Court Records

Cobb County State Court is the trial court within Georgia's court system and uses a six-person jury for all court hearings. It conducts jury trials on all misdemeanor and civil cases where a party requests a trial by jury. These cases include speeding, hit and run, red light violations, bad checks, illegally passing a school bus, and other misdemeanor charges.

The State Court Clerk provides a Court Connect Search tool for interested individuals to find court records via the person's name, business name, or case type. To conduct a person or case type search, the requester must provide the following information:

  • Last name or company name
  • First and middle name
  • Date of birth
  • Filing dates
  • Case type.

Cobb County Criminal Records

Cobb County criminal records are available to interested parties through the Police Department Central Records unit. Interested persons may complete and submit a criminal history request form available on the website in person or via mail. Furthermore, requestors must provide a money order or certified check for the $15 search fee and a copy of a valid photo ID. Inquirers may send the application packet to:

Cobb County Police Department (NCIC)
545 South Fairground Street SE
Marietta, GA 30060.

Cobb County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Cobb County Clerk of Superior Court provides a system that gives individuals access to criminal court case information. The requester can search for court case information using the individual's name, case number, case type, attorney, notary, and CCFN.

Get Cobb County Civil Court Records

Civil court records in Cobb County describe cases involving legal disputes between individuals and parties, e.g., breach of contract claims, lien claims, personal injury claims, and housing evictions.

The Office of Clerk of Superior Court is the custodian of civil court records in Cobb County and can grant access to these records. The Judicial Council of Georgia provides online access to court records through the Office of the Superior Court. Interested parties can obtain civil court records by searching the platform using a full name, case number, or case type.

Cobb County Family Court Records

Cobb County Family Court records are a collection of official documents generated during judicial proceedings pertaining to family law cases. These documents include case files, court orders, dockets, and final judgments.

The court's family court division handles all cases on family and domestic issues and has jurisdiction over cases involving couples, parents, minors, and older adults. Different types of family law cases in the county include:

  • Domestic abuse
  • Child support and child custody
  • Spousal support
  • Divorce
  • Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Emancipation
  • Juvenile delinquency.

Interested persons may obtain family court records in Cobb County at the Superior Court's Office, where the case is filed. The Clerk's Office may provide inquirers with the physical documents or direct them to use the self-service computer terminals where electronic copies can be accessed.

Cobb County Dissolution of Marriage Records

The Cobb County Superior Court has jurisdiction over all divorce cases within its judicial districts. Individuals interested in obtaining divorce decrees must visit the Clerk of the Superior Court's Office. Requesters may need to fill out a request form and pay a search fee to search for divorce records.

The Cobb County Court website offers a state-wide record search tool for individuals to search for divorce records. Requesters must provide the party's first name, last name, and the state of the divorce filing.

The website also lets users view and print most divorce filings from home. However, some filings require the users to visit the courthouse to view and print the documents. The Clerk's Office needs a written request with a payment advance to send copies of divorce decrees through mail.

Cobb County Marriage and Divorce Records

The Cobb County Probate Court maintains records of all marriages in the county. The Court Clerk also provides access to marriage records and certificates through its Case Management System. Generally, searchers must provide a person's name, case number, or filing date to lookup these records.

To obtain Cobb County Marriage records, visit the Probate Court Office and complete a request form. The individual will need to provide details such as:

  • The full names of the parties involved
  • The date of marriage
  • Other relevant information that can help locate the record.
  • A check or money order for the $10.00 copying fee.

Meanwhile, persons seeking to obtain divorce records may contact the Superior Court Clerk's Office or use the online court record search tool. Requesters must provide a name, case number, or case filing date to facilitate a search.

Just like for Cobb county marriage records, the requester may need to fill out a request form for Cobb county divorce records in person. Alternatively, contact the Vital Records Office in Cobb County to obtain marriage and divorce records.

Vital Records Office - Cobb and Douglas Public Health
1650 County Services Parkway
Marietta, GA 30008
Phone: (770) 514-2337

Cobb County Birth and Death Records

Cobb County death records are essential for settling estates, claiming life insurance benefits, and claiming pensions. Similarly, Cobb County birth records can help in identity verification, school enrollment, and driver's license applications. Both records are considered vital records and are available through the county's vital records office.

All vital record requests must be made to the Department of Public Health Vital Records Division in person or via mail. The Office is responsible for filing, preserving, and issuing certified copies of births in the county. Vital records from January 1919 to the present are available at the Office, while older records are available at the Georgia Archives.

The requester must provide the following information to facilitate the record search:

  • Full name of the record subject
  • Date of birth (includes month, day, year)
  • Place of birth ( includes city, county, and hospital)
  • Valid photo ID, e.g., state ID, passport, driver's license
  • Relationship to the record subject
  • The number of copies
  • A money order for the applicable fees.

The fee to search for a certified copy of the vital record is $25.00. Requesters must pay a fee of $5.00 to request additional certifications of the same record to be ordered simultaneously. In-person or mail requests may be made to the Vital Records Office in Cobb County at the following address:

Vital Records Office
1650 County Services Parkway
Marietta, GA 30008
Phone: (770) 514-2337

Cobb County Probate Court Records

The Cobb County Probate Court has jurisdiction over the cases below:

  • Sale and disposition of estate property
  • Probate of wills
  • Issuance of marriage licenses
  • Issuance of weapons carry permits
  • Certificates of residence
  • Miscellaneous services include issuing fireworks permits and recording elected officials' oaths and bonds.

Interested persons may lookup probate court records online or visit the Clerk's Office in person during business hours. In any way, searchers must know the name, case number, or case filing date of the record sought to facilitate retrieval.

Cobb County Probate Court
32 Waddell Street
Marietta, GA 30090
Phone: (770) 528-1900
Fax: (770) 528-1996

Cobb County Property Records

Cobb County property records include information such as real estate deeds, plats, UCC filings, condominium floor plans, and legal descriptions of the property. The Clerk of Superior Court and the Deputy Clerks are in charge of providing individuals with property information. The court offers a Real Property Records search database on the official website. Requesters must use the following pointers to search property records:

  • Guarantor's full name
  • Book and page
  • Instrument type
  • Land Description
  • Cross-reference
  • Street name
  • CFN.

Cobb County's Tax Assessor also provides an online resource through which inquirers can access property information. To conduct a Property Search, the requester must search by Owner Name, Location Address, and Parcel Number.

Cobb County Court Records Online

There are several online search databases that offer Cobb County court records online search options. However, navigating these official sites may not always be convenient. Alternative to these sites, third-party resources like provide access to Cobb County court records. These platforms eliminate geographical restrictions and can be utilized for one-time or ongoing record research. To use the search tools on these third-party sites, users need to provide:

  • The name of the party involved (excluding juveniles)
  • The exact location of the record, including city, county, or state
  • Criminal Records
  • Arrests Records
  • Warrants
  • Driving Violations
  • Inmate Records
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax & Property Liens
  • Civil Judgements
  • Federal Dockets
  • Probate Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Records
  • Death Records
  • Property Records
  • Asset Records
  • Business Ownership
  • Professional Licenses
  • And More!