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Chatham County Court Records

Chatham County court records include official documents and briefs submitted to (or generated by) the court during a legal proceeding. Such records may include case dockets, transcripts, electronic records, and depositions. Court records are vital in the legal process. Documenting what transpired in court serves as a check to ensure fairness during legal proceedings. In addition, court records may be evidence in future legal proceedings.

Chatham Court records contain comprehensive information about a case, including the names of the involved parties, their county of residence, dates of birth, case number, and filing date. Additionally, it includes details regarding the type of case, its current status, scheduled hearing dates, contact information for attorneys and judges involved, court of filing, docket number, and a description of the lawsuit.

Are Court Records Public in Chatham County?

Yes, court records are public records in Chatham County. Per the Georgia Open Records Act, public members can view, inspect, request, and obtain copies of all documents and papers generated, received, or maintained by a public body in the state. Consequently, Chatham County's public records, including its court, marriage, arrest, divorce, death, and birth records, are available for public inspection and copying.

Despite the state's policy on openness of its records, the law mandates record custodians to restrict public access to some of its records. Per the law, disclosure of public records is not a requirement for records required by federal statute or court order to be kept confidential. In addition, information in court records where disclosure would constitute an invasion of personal privacy is not open to the public. Furthermore, the law restricts access to law enforcement records where disclosure could reveal the identity of a confidential informant or disclose a confidential investigation. Therefore, juvenile, adoption, medical, veterinary, child custody, and income tax returns records are not open for public inspection, view, or copying.

Again, the law permits record custodians to redact personal identifying information, such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, driver's license numbers, and passport numbers from court records before releasing them to the public.

Chatham County Court Records Search

Persons seeking Chatham County Court records have different ways of obtaining the record. The Clerk of Courts is the record custodian for all court records, and record seekers may view the record in person at the courthouse where the case was heard. The clerk of Courts also accepts mail requests for records in its possession. In addition, Georgia provides electronic access to court records. The portal contains court records from all Chatham County Courts.

Chatham County Court Records Search by Name

Interested persons may search Chatham Court records by name using the re:SearchGA portal. To commence a name search, record seekers must register an account and use the full name on the record to locate the case file online. Name search for Chatham County court records is also possible at the Clerk of Court Offices. Record seekers can use the self-service terminals at the office for in-person court record searches. Searchers may also mail in requests for Chatham County Court records. Such persons must furnish the record custodian with the full name on the record. The record custodian charges a fee based on the number of copies requested.

Chatham County Courts

The Chatham County trial court system comprises a Superior Court, State Court, Juvenile Court, Probate Court, and Magistrate Court. The county also has six Municipal Courts and a Recorder’s Court. Each court has jurisdiction over different types of cases. The locations of the courthouses across the country are:

Superior Courts in Chatham County

Chatham County Superior Court
Chatham County Courthouse
133 Montgomery Street
Room 304, P.O. Box 10227
Savannah, GA 31412
Phone: (912) 652-7200
Fax: (912) 652-7380

State Courts in Chatham County

State Court of Chatham County
Chatham County Courthouse
133 Montgomery Street
Room 501, P.O. Box 992
Savannah, GA 31412
Phone: (912) 652-7224
Fax: (912) 652-7229

Juvenile Courts in Chatham County

Chatham County Juvenile Court
197 Carl Griffin Drive
Savannah, GA 31405
Phone: (912) 652-6716
Fax: (912) 652-6741

Probate Courts in Chatham County

Probate Court of Chatham County
Chatham County Courthouse
133 Montgomery Street, Room 509
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: (912) 652-7265
Fax: (912) 652-7262

Magistrate Courts in Chatham County

Chatham County Magistrate Court
Chatham County Courthouse
133 Montgomery Street, Room 303
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: (912) 652-7181

Municipal Courts in Chatham County

Municipal Court of Bloomingdale
6 Adams Road, P.O. Box 216
Bloomingdale, GA 31302
Phone: (912) 748-8302
Fax: (912) 748-4192

Municipal Court of Garden City
100 Central Avenue,
Garden City, GA 31405
Phone: (912) 963-2708

Municipal Court of Pooler
100 US Highway 80 Southwest,
Pooler, GA 31322
Phone: (912) 748-7333

Municipal Court of Port Wentworth
City Hall
305 South Coastal Highway,
Port Wentworth, GA 31407
Phone: (912) 964-4360

Municipal Court of Thunderbolt
2821 River Drive, Room 205
Thunderbolt, GA 31404
Phone: (912) 629-4667
Fax: (912) 629-4668

Municipal Court of Tybee Island
78 Van Horne Drive, P.O. Box 1340
Tybee Island, GA 31328
Phone: (912) 786-5635
Fax: (912) 786-4003

Recorder's Courts in Chatham County

Recorder's Court of Chatham County
Chatham County Courthouse
133 Montgomery Street, Room 116
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: (912) 652-7425
Fax: (912) 652-7413

Chatham County District Court Records

District Courts are courts of trials in the federal court system. They handle most federal civil and criminal cases. District Courts handle lawsuits involving federal crimes and resolve disputes between residents of different states. There are no state District Courts in Georgia. However, the Georgia State Courts preside over cases that fall under the jurisdiction of District Courts. The State Court in Chatham County has limited authority over some civil and criminal cases. Criminal cases handled by the State Court include traffic offenses and misdemeanor criminal offenses. The State Courts also preside over civil disputes that are not within the exclusive authority of the Chatham County Superior Courts.

The Clerk of the State Court is the record custodian for court records falling under the jurisdiction of the District Court. Searchers may mail a request to obtain copies of the record or visit the office to view the records. Mail requesters must include a photocopy of a valid means of identification and money orders or checks for the fees. The record custodian charges a fee based on the type of record and the number of copies requested.

Chatham County Criminal Records

Criminal records, also called arrest records, detail an individual's encounter with law enforcement agencies. It contains the arrest charges, arrests, sentencing, convictions, violations, and detentions. Per state law, Chatham County criminal records are public records. Sometimes referred to as Chatham County arrest records, they are available for inspection and copying at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office and the Chatham County Police Department. Both offices accept walk-in and mail requests for Chatham Arrest records. Both offices charge a fee to obtain copies of the records and require record seekers to present valid identification cards to collect the records. The fees are payable by check or money orders by mail. In comparison, person requesters may pay with cash, credit, or debit cards.

Chatham County Criminal Court Case Lookup

The Chatham County Courts provides an online case management system known as Odyssey. Odyssey is a web application where records seekers can search criminal court case records. It is important to note that party names must be inputted in the last and first sequence. Also, users may view Chatham criminal records for free but must pay a fee to purchase the court records.

Criminal Court case records are also available at the Superior, State, Magistrate, Recorder’s, or Municipal Court offices where the case was heard. Record seekers may mail a written request or walk into the appropriate County Clerk's office to request Chatham County criminal records.

Get Chatham County Civil Court Records

Civil Court records are all documents generated during a legal proceeding of a civil dispute between individuals or businesses. Civil court cases are non-criminal cases and usually involve ordinance violations, restraining orders, real estate title, civil equity, complex commercial, and domestic relations cases.

The Clerk of Chatham County Superior, Magistrate, Municipal, and Recorder Courts are the county's custodians of civil court case records. Persons seeking the records may mail a written request or visit the office in person to purchase the records. All requesters must provide valid government-issued identification cards and pay the approved fees before obtaining copies of the court records.

The County also provides an online portal where interested persons may look up civil court case records from the county. The portal -Odyssey, provides access to all civil court cases filed and heard in Chatham County. Record seekers must have the full name on the court record or the case number to commence the search. Access to Chatnam civil court case records using the online case management tool attracts a fee.

Chatham County Family Court Records

Family Court records are the files submitted to or generated by the courts in domestic relations cases. All Superior Courts in Georgia have a Family Court division. The Family Court Division in Chatham County presides over divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, domestic violence, and adoption lawsuits. Not all Family Court records are subject to the Open Records Act. Per the law, adoption records, child custody, and paternity court records are not open for public view.

The Clerk of the Superior Court maintains all Family Court records in Chatham County. Record seekers may mail written requests or visit the Clerk's Office in person. Persons purchasing the record by mail must fill out the Record Request Form and include a photocopy of a valid government-issued identification card, as well as a check or money order for the fees.

The fee is based on the record type and number of copies requested. Chatham County Family Court records are also available online using Odyssey. Record seekers may search for a name or case number to obtain the record. Users must pay a fee to purchase the records.

Chatham Dissolution of Marriage Records

Dissolution of marriage occurs when persons living together in a civil partnership decide to end their relationship formally. Dissolution of marriage formally terminates the marital responsibilities and rights between a couple. In Georgia, marriage dissolution is treated like divorce. Therefore, only eligible persons may request the records.

Persons seeking Chatham County dissolution of marriage records may purchase the record in person at the Clerk of Superior Court Office or mail a written request. Mail requests must contain valid government-issued identification cards and money order or check for the fees.

Chatham County Marriage and Divorce Records

Marriage records are documents issued by the government to certify the legal union of a couple in marriage. Conversely, divorce records are official papers proving a marriage has lawfully ended. Per state law, Chatham County marriage records and divorce records are open records. However, only persons eligible may request marriage and divorce records. Per state law only the persons named on the marriage or divorce records, their legal representative, parents named on the record, or legal guardian may request the records.

The Clerk of the Probate Court is the record custodian for Chatham County marriage records. Persons eligible to order certified copies of Chatham County marriage certificates in person, by mail, or online. Walk-in requests for certified copies of marriage must schedule an appointment with the Records Room before turning up at the Probate Court.

To order certified digital copies of marriage records, record seekers may use the Georgia Probate Court online portal. All record seekers must have the marriage date and full name of the couple to request Chatham County marriage records. Persons purchasing marriage records by mail must complete the Existing Marriage Document Request Form and enclose a money order for the fees, and a self-addressed and stamped envelope. There is a research fee of $10 and $1 for every page of certified marriage records obtained. Mail the request to:

Probate Court of Chatham County
P.O. Box 8344
Savannah, GA 31412

Persons purchasing Chatham County divorce records may do so online using the Georgia Odyssey portal. Record seekers must create an account to access the records. There are fees associated with purchasing the records using the portal. Divorce records are also available at the Clerk of Superior Court Office. Record seekers may visit the office in person or mail the requests. All requesters must fill out the Record Request Form. There is an additional $2.00 charge for certified copies of divorce records. The physical and mailing address is at:

Clerk of Superior Court
P.O. Box 10227
133 Montgomery Street
Suite 304
Savannah, GA 31401

Chatham Birth and Death Records

Chatham County Vital Records, such as Chatham County Birth Certificates and death certificates, are part of the birth and death records maintained by the Chatham County Vital Records Office. The Chatham County Vital Records Office will provide certified copies of birth and death certificates to interested persons for a fee of $25 for the first copy and $5 for additional copies ordered together. This can be paid via cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and money order from financial institutions or the post office.

Applicants for certified copies of Chatham County Birth Records and death records can pick up the documents from the Chatham County Vital Records Office at:

Chatham County Health Department
1395 Eisenhower Drive
Savannah, GA 31406
Phone: (912) 356-2138 or toll-free (866) 667-3236

Birth Records Via Mail

Certified copies can also be obtained via mail with full name (as is on the certificate), date of birth, hospital of birth, parents' names, applicant mailing address, phone number, and a copy of a state-approved photo ID included.

Death Records Via Mail

Certified copies can be obtained with full name on the certificate, date of death, place of birth, relationship to deceased, applicant’s phone number, mailing address, name of funeral home, and a copy of a state-approved photo ID.

Mail requests for both birth and death records should also include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a U.S. Postal Service money order or cashier check payable to:

Vital Records
P.O. Box 14257
Savannah, GA 31416

Chatham County Birth and Death Records are used on citizenship, parentage, inheritance, and family history issues.

Chatham County Probate Court Records

Chatham County Probate Court handles matters involving the probate of estates of the deceased. Probate court records include wills, which can be filled for safekeeping at the probate court, as well as estate documents and marriage licenses. Interested persons can obtain records from the Chatham County Probate Court through a visit to the court at:

Probate Court of Chatham County
Chatham County Courthouse
133 Montgomery Street, Room 509
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: (912) 652-7265
Fax: (912) 652-7262

Visits are on appointment only, except for visits related to guardianship or mental health emergencies. The Chatham County Probate Court is open 8 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Wednesday and Friday, On Thursdays, the Court is open at 8:45 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Chatham County Property Records

Chatham County Property Records are documents or legal papers providing important information concerning property or land, such as liens. Plats, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, and the land deed. The land deed is a property record that indicates the owner of the property. The Recorder of Deeds retains all the essential property records of Chatham County and a record of all real estate transactions in the county. Chatham County property records are available online as searchable records. Users of the online search can query by property ID and tax year and have results that include owner, parcel address, and city. Interested persons can also obtain property records through the Chatham County Superior Court Real Estate Division with the office at:

Tom Coleman Judicial Courthouse
133 Montgomery Street,
3rd Floor, Room 304.
Savannah, Georgia 31401

Or at the satellite office at:

1117 Eisenhower Drive,
Savannah, GA 31406

Chatham County Court Records Online

Persons seeking Chatham County Court records online can use the re:SearchGA portal. Alternatively, they may use third-party online services like that provide access to the county’s court records. These online sources simplify the search of records and ensure that interested persons can access them regardless of the locational limits they may have. However, the accuracy of information available on such platforms cannot be guaranteed.

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